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h a n s o n R P G

Hanson... comes to life.

h a n s o n R P G
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This community is friends only. In order to view the posts you must:
1. Become a character of the RPG.
2. Comment on the main post, stating that you wish to follow the RPG.

Rules for becoming a character:
1. Only one person per character.
2. Only one character per person.
3. You must have a livejournal. You do not need to have a journal specifically for the RPG. You should just use your personal journal, because the RPG only takes place in the community, not in outside journals.
4. You must have AIM. You do not need to have a screen name specifically for the RPG. It can be your personal screen name.
5. The livejournal icon you use must be a picture of your character. If you do not have a picture of your character, then please create an icon with the name of your character.

Once you join the community as a character:
1. Your first post will be an introductory post. Include: (Name)(Age)(Relationships with other characters)(AIM screen name)(Email)
2. After that, you can start your regular posts. This will work as a normal journal (posting your daily life events, etc.), except you will post as your character.
3. You are encouraged to make comments on other characters' posts.
4. Please do not decide to kill your character. If you don't want to participate, let me know and I will open that character back up.
5. ALL posts made must be set to friends only!
6. Please put the following in your user info: (I play character name at rpghanson)

Affairs outside the community:
1. You can talk with other members on AIM as often as you want.
2. If you talk with them as your characters on AIM, please post your conversations.
3. AIM chats will oftentimes be held, where most of the characters come together.

~ Isaac Hanson ~ ike_hanson
~ Isaac's girlfriend ~ dragonfairieo05
~ Isaac's best friend ~ blackh0lesun
~ Taylor Hanson ~ j_t_hanson
~ Natalie Hanson ~ slowly_passing
~ Taylor's best friend ~ raspberryfairy
~ Ezra Hanson ~ cdmeggers
~ Zac Hanson ~ nightsuplate
~ Zac's best friend ~ waitedforyou
~ Kate, Zac's girlfriend ~ idigdrummers
~ Mrs. Hanson ~
~ Mr. Hanson ~
~ Jessica Hanson ~ mcfan327
~ Avery Hanson ~ a2k_
~ Mackenzie Hanson ~ mackiebaby94
~ Zoe Hanson ~
~ Natalie's mother ~
~ Natalie's father ~

If you have a character you think should be here, comment on the main post and tell me. *NOTE: Only Hanson-related characters, please!

Any questions?